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WELCOME all to a site who's objective is to shine light on innocent prisoners. This site is a non organized or official legal service. A site for hope and a step in the door.

Our Mission

The goal here is to put inmates profiles and stories for veiwings of possible help, of Pro Bono lawyers, American Justice media, and gain resources towards more possible open door oppertunities. Profiles are reveiwed by administrator and posted for a monthly fee of $2.50 we know families and inmates dont have to much money. God Bless and Good Luck.

Becoming a Member

Profile's of inmates must include a photo head shot and a photo of them from before. A detailed story of why you think your innocent, and your address and inmate number for contact purposes, from any one who could help you or would like a Pen Pal. The monthly fee will be $2.50

Truth shall set us Free!

Name & Inmate #
Inmates Mailing Address
Charges of Crime
What your looking for?
Your Story for Help.