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Wayne C. Murphy #207062

My story of the truth, what needs to be heard. Any help accepted.


How a Innocent Man Became Wrongfully Convicted and Recived a LIFE sentence.
By Wayne C. Murphy
On July 14th, 2004, a boy that I had only knew for two weeks had given me and my fiancee' (tracy Chaffins) a ride to the hospital for an appointment with Tracy's OBGYN Doctor, tracy was pregnant with our child. Just to inform you, I live in Ironton, Ohio the hospital was in Ashland, Ky. right across the bridge from Ohio, W. R. Dixon dropped us off at the hospital around 8:30 a.m. and said he would be back later to pick us up. After Tracy and I were finished with the doctor appointment at around 10:00 a.m. we went out side to look for our ride home, it did'nt take us long to realize that we were left stranded by the person who given us the ride to the hospital.
We began calling for family to come and pick us up, Tracy called her uncle J. Hurst, he said that he would be on his way to pick us up, Tracy and I waited for James , arrival on a seat bench near the E.R. entrance, when tracy called her Uncle it was around 10:00 a.m. Tracy went back into the hospital to call her uncle back to see if he had left the house yet, Tracy's Aunt answered the telephone and said her uncle had already left and was on his way to the hospital , as tracy was exiting the hospital  from making the last phone call, her uncle arrives and is pulling up as Tracy crosses in front of his automobile, Tracy and I get into her uncles car,  Uncle james said that he needed to stop off and buy  a carton of cigarettes, we pull in to a Speedway gas station, tracy and I go in and buy the cigarettes with the $50. dollar bill her uncle gave her, and we bought  a Mountain Dew soda, we get back in to the car and proceed towards my house in Ohio, stopping along the way to pay on my fines for my DUI and stop at the grocery store to purchase a few groceries, continue our journey home (which I lived in the country about fifteen minutes drive from town) we stopped and bought uncle James some gas for the ride. Tracy's Uncle drops us off at home, he helped me carry in the groceries and he then leaves and goes home. I know we were home around 1:00p.m. because tracy began watching the tv show "Days of our Lives" which comes on at 1:00p.m. Me and Tracy spent the rest of the evening at home watching television, late that night, we were awaken by a knock on the door, it was the Kentucky Detectives, they said that they had been looking for Mr. Dixon all day, and that they had gotten a list of names of people that knew Mr. Dixon from his parents, and that we were their last  lead of the night. We told the Detectives how Mr. Dixon had left us stranded that morning at the hospital around 8:30 a.m. that morning. The detectives told us of what a terrible crime Mr. Dixon had committed and asked me if I would ride with them to help search for Mr. dixon, I said I would. We rode around for over two hours, had NO luck of finding Mr. dixon or his car, the detectives brought me back to my house and asked us to call them if we heard from or see Mr. Dixon, we said that we would definately call them. the next night on July 15th, the detectives came back and told us that they now have Mr. dixon in custody, but Mr. Dixon has cut and died his hair and is claiming that he is not W. Dixon. The detectives asked if we would ride over to Kentucky to help them identify Mr. dixon, we said yes. When I arrived at the police station, I wa put under arrest! I was interragated for about two hours, and telling these detectives that they are making a big mistake by accusing me of having anything to do with this crime. When Mr. Dixon was apprehended, he had fabricated a story up to say that  "Wayne Murphy done this crime" the detectives believed him and took advantage of me trying to help these detectives and used their excuse of wanting me to come to Kentucky to ID Mr. Dixon, it was all a trick! This was done because if the detectives would have followed procedure, by having Ohio to arrest me and then extradite me to Kentucky, now that I do know the law, they would need EVIDENCE to get the Ohio Governor to sign a warrent  to transfer me to Ky, evidence  that they did not have because I am INNOCENT, the only thing the detectives had wa a psycopath fabricating a story to say that some one else done the crime and picked me. My DNA samples were taken, along with my clothes and the detectives went to my house and collected items for DNA testing, I was taken to the Greenup county jail. I was being accused of a brutal rape, assault, robbery all because of a psycopath said that I done it. As I sat in the county jail, me, my fiancee' and family was sure the truth was gonna set me free. My public defender attorney came and told that all of the witness's said that Mr. Dixon was by himself, photo line- ups was given to the victim, the victim did NOT pick my photo, and said that she's never seen me before. the victim did immediatly idenify the original suspect  Mr. dixon.  The grand jury refused to indicte me, my fiancee' and her Uncle James testified before the grand jury of my innocence, I was sure that the truth was near to bring me home, I was wrong!!! Weeks later, the grand jury indicted me after a witness had changed his story and said that he had seen me, this same witness was a homeless person that was from out of town with his wife that had been sleeping in their car, looking for employment and was at the crime scene. This same witness (Mr. jhon barger) had given verbal statement to the police saying that he had been in the video store and seen only one suspect, describing Mr. Dixon on the 14th of July. the very next day this homeless withness had given a written statement for the police still saying that he had only seen one suspect, describing Mr. dixon. Two weeks later, Mr Barger was called in by the detectives and was threatened with prosecution to identify a second suspect, Mr. Barger said that he seen me at the crime scene, after he had probaly watched the news and seen my picture of being charged with the crime. This is what got me indicted. My attorney believes that this homeless person (Barger) was envolved with helping Dixon commit the crime and that Dixon did not know who the homelss person was, so Dixon made up a story and said "Wayne Murphy done it" then for the homeless witness to change his story to implicate me in order to keep the suspicion from himself. It is a proven fact that can be verified in the record, that this homeless person had NOT worked for two years, had no money, had not even eaten all day. After the robbery he and his wife went shopping near the crime scene.
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